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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

They = world to me..:)

           Parents! They are the most amazing couple we ever meet in our life. Its really amazing how they feel you. When you are in a problem or when you are sad they sense it quickly. In their warmth ,love and affection its easy to foget any trouble and be happy.Life without parents is really tough and painful
          After passing the grade 5 scholarship many wanted me to enter to a BIG school;what they mean is a school with a great reputation..in Colombo or Kandy. But my parents were not capable to console themselves to be away from me at such a young age

                 I was 15 when I had to spend my 1st day away from parents.It was a sensational one.I pretended to be OK because I didnt want mother to cry at the airport.I worshiped mom and dad and then left..I didnt foget to turn back and wave them..I wanted to cry louder and louder but it was not possible..I had to depart..I saw the pain in their eyes..Later I heard mom was almost cried on the way  home.

   Leaving for the University is a climax in life.Now I am got used to this boarding life. But there are moments that I feel like runing home and hugging my parents tight.I know they too miss me a lot..and me more than ever.But there is no option left behind.

   I see the pleasure pouring out from my parents faces when I go back home

But I am happy that there affection and blessings are always with me though they are not near.

So thats's their love..................

When the whole world annoys you they are still with you..

They shout at you and bleam you but there is no speck of anger in them.

Simply I have no words for them...MY PARENTS =WORLD TO ME