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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Where is the so called free education?

I have taken the pen more than ten times to my finger tips with the hope of writing something on this current issue in Sri Lanka. Please don't think that you can show your protest just by pickets and there are many more ways. So this is an innocent attempt to make the community aware of this issue.

I still remember the day i entered to grade 6 after passing the scholarship exam. I am talking about grade 6 because its much familiar for us rather than our first day at school. In front of the main hall there is a beautiful statue of Mr.C.W.W Kannangara; father of free education in Sri Lanka. I still remind how my dad introduced this person's great personality to me when I inquired who is depicted by the statue. As a kid I felt a great honor about him. Every day when I passed that statue I used to smile with it.

According to his concept any poor child can gain the education from grade 1 to university with the expenses of government. As far as I know there is no any other country where you can find this privilege. He must have taken an immense effort to bring our education system up to this standard and thousands of intellectuals have been born as a result of this free education system.

When the authorities concerned are keeping the universities closed and when the examination system is not done in a reliable way that badly affects for the future of our free education. Innocent students are becoming a prey of this and their future is darkened. Who will be responsible for the time which is wasted in their young lives?

The time wasted because of this Z score crisis and because of this University crisis will never come back. So what we all have to say is QUIT PLAYING GAMES WITH OUR LIVES!