.........towards the stream of thoughts

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tunes for you

May you hear the sound of my flute
That echoes the beat of my heart
 Note by note I will play
The song of love that went astray
Sleeping moon and shining stars
Will know the words of my love song
Though someone may take it wrong
Let the breeze carry my tunes
Above the oceans and vast dunes
I play my thoughts that flow down
As a stream towards finger tips
One day at least before I die
Come and murmur me a lullaby

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

සිහින පියාපත්



දිවි බරින් මිරිකුණ
පසෙක ලා ගමන් පැස
පියාපතක් සේ දුරක
පාව යමි සිහින විජිතයට

සොඳුරු යැයි සිතුවොත්
අමිහිරක් නොමැති ජීවිතය
ගෙත්තමක් වැනිය නෙක
කඳුළු ලියකමින් හැඩ වුණ

සිනහවේ පැහැ තවරා
මකා ලමි තද දුකඳුර
නෙත් කෙවෙනි අග මැවෙන සිහිනයට
ඉදින් දැන් අවසරය


Yes We lost it!

T20 world cup was a dream of every Sri Lankan.

We had a craze to see Mahela lifting it. But that dream scattered. As Sri Lankans we are not happy. It hurts a lot when we lose something when our hopes have risen to the climax. Wining the Runner up and championship are two different things and that can never be compared. It would have been great if could win it. However we have lost it.

But there are several matters we should be proud of. Qualifying the finals is a victory. Even the young players like Akila Dananjaya who never had T20 experience did a great job. Anyway the most important thing is to understand the responsibility as a player. If someone plays without the responsibility and dedication surely it will bring the misfortune for the country. Also the captain must use the players in the most profitable way by understanding their talents and weak points.

It is not a mere cup we lost a great glory. So at least next time we must consider above matters.

In one hand we can be happy.

 Our country experienced a tragic war for 30 years and now there is an environment favorable for organizing even an international cricket tournament successfully with full security.

The final match was held in a ground donated by former president who was a prey of terrorists and no more we have that threat.

Our name is in the international records through cricket while the England who taught us cricket lost the tournament at very initial stages.

 So as a whole there are both plus and weak points. In our next time we should focus our attention on these and try to win the championship