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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hundreds will say those three words..but only a few really mean it..


         It was the university registration day for medical students..the students were keenly waiting untill their names are called by the clerk...Sneha felt a little bit uneasy.There was no one for her to talk with.Besides her seated two unknown boys.It was so boring..when she was looking around the guy on her left hand side smiled with her.She smiled back.

"Hi" he said..


"Where are you from?" he asked in a friendly tone

"Anuradhapura , you?"

"WOW nice! I  am from Colombo"

then there was a few minutes silence...

"Your island rank? " he asked

"5th"she replied with a faint smile

"ehem ehem... I am seated near a topper ha? he eyed
"By the way whats your name..? I fogot to ask"


"I mean full name"? he asked ..it was quite absurd.
"Sneha Indivari Rajapaksha"

"Prabashwara Dissanayake"

                   Sneha was busy in next few minutes as her name was called out. They took sometime to check the documents.Finally it was over.She left the hall and went towards the car which was waiting to fretch her.

She felt tiresome after the long journey.Anyway its a bless to have a rich and kind father who can afford for a daughters luxuries..thanks to the car..! it could have been more weird if it was a bus journey..no use of talking about buses.
        .After a shower she logged into fb to get a relief to the tired mind..Damn it!!!!!!!!! there is a friend request PRABASHWARA DISSANAYAKA

         She hesitated for few seconds..but why should she? Prabashwara is going to be her batchmate in near future.CONFIRM she clicked

 to be continued..............