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Saturday, June 30, 2012

How my Birthday was ruined..

           It was my 20th birthday.It was mom and dad who wanted to celebrate it in a grand scale.For me birthday was nothing special non other than the day I came to this world. I dont know whether it was a reason of celebration at all.
       Month before my birthday dad emphasised the importance of arranging a birthday party when I turn 20.I had my own comments on that but I kept silence as it was the dinner table.
    They were working for that in a hustle and bustle.If it was their pleasure I didnt want to ruin it by protesting.So I waited till the day came.I really liked it only because of one reason.That is having a chance to spend few hours with friends being away from the boring life style.
          My dad has spent a  lot for food,music,lights and all the decorations.His organization skills were visible not only in the business matters also in these family matters.Invitees were enjoying  a lot. All were smiling and chating while enjoying the food.I was having a busy and funny chat with my collegemates.
 Then Shoba Aunty came to me.She was a very close relation of us.. an ego centric ignorant woman!

"Now you have become such a pretty young gal.. she hugged me..Then she started boasting about her husband who works as a secretary in Ministry of  Defence.
HMM HMM I just said to continue the conversation and I was bored of her talks.

"I am so happy that I could marry a person like Srinath;someone from a high caste family. Our generation has never mixed up with those low caste people"

My blood boiled! I knew some of my collegemates who were with me were also annoyed..I couldnt control the anger.

"Aunty, how can you prove that your gereration is a pure one.No one is pure in generation! The noble qualities matter not the damn,so called caste.Do you know what kind of relations your forefathers had? How many days you go to the temple for meditation and all? But seems you are not practising what Lord Buddha has preached "I shouted in a rough voice

all the people in the party tables stared at me

Later I heard mom apologized Shoba aunty for my words.I was still angry.I was thinking about the things I have told her in public.I was worried..Dad came to my room and sat on the chair of my study table.
" I am sorry dad " i murmured

"Its ok. I am really proud of you;and the way you think..." he smiled