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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

No one is alike!

             One of the greatest mistakes we do in our life is believing that other people are also like us. Man is different! There are no two people who are same.

 Even the twins have different birthmarks.

Sometimes we live for a very long time but still can not realize this simple matter.
        If we are honest and open hearted we expect others also to be the same. But they won't! because they are different from us. Most of us come across various hardships due to this wrong assumption.

 In friendship we expect our friends to be as affectionate as us, to care us as if we care them. The same theory applies in relationships too. Its unfair to expect someone to be like you. Because you are a unique person. Therefore comparing yourself with another is such a useless thing.

But all this is a struggle.
Being together with people who are different from you from ideas, looks and many more discriminations is really a difficult task.So it depends on the way you handle them.

But the beauty of life resides in thses discriminations.  The world will be a very boring place if all were same. Enjoy the theory NO ONE IS ALIKE. It will bring happiness to you.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Angels hear..

Angels roaming in the heaven far and far from my sight
Let me relate my darkest plight ;I am lost in my fate badly woven
Can you let me out from this and let me fly free in my dreams
Do you hear how I weep and stay awake in dark nights
Or are you just pretending that you hear though you really dont?
From these dreams I can't get rid irritating me in every breath
Memories haunt as ghost in my mind and suffocate coming behind
Once upon a time I had a blissfull time, for now its gone ruined
I have become a slave of past with this bond I can not detach
scattered wishes with thousand sobbs remain  me a lifetime hurt
But still my soul is crystal clear with not even a speck of dirt

Monday, August 13, 2012

Olympics ...:)

                   Whole world was full of Olympic craze during last few days! The things happened made me learn many new things.
              Main point is blood is thicker than water. The in born talents can never be hidden. They come up at the ideal time as lava bursting out from a volcano. The best examples are the counties in so called Dark Continent.
              Ethiopia! To be genuine when I hear that name I visualize number of children suffering from mal nutrition. But the way they rocked in Olympics, their energy, talent, determination marveled me. Then the Jamaica! It was a legend. The commitment and talent make a human superb. The most interesting thing was their relay. Their baton change was awesome. It was all about perfect practice, communication skills, team spirit and harmony.  
           Some black heroes competed   for either USA or Great Britain. The simple equation behind that is marketing and letting others to buy the talent because of poverty. It is a very pathetic situation. Practice makes you perfect!! J It was obvious in Olympics; they did some unbelievable things as a result of training.
J J Sometimes the amount of resources you have is not a barrier to achieve your goal.

If you are a superb person the whole world will applause, bow and admire you ignoring your ethnicity, race, colour or whatever.The best example is Usain Bolt J
 Some won, some defeated, some cried, one died, some fell on the track. It is a big struggle to hear your national anthem being played in London. With all these its called London Olympics!