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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Miracles happen!


 I am an absent minded, careless girl neither innocent nor having a heart melting voice. That’s how I was born and it’s in my blood. But I can still clearly remember how I met him in a crowded street of Mumbai. How can I forget such a sweet memory? It was just like an accident; A lovely accident.

Usually Monday’s were very annoying for me. After the delicious freedom enjoyed in weekends it was hard to wake up early in the morning and to switch back to the boring mood of studying. This routine is totally messed up when the festival season comes into the arena.

Since my dad has passed away I, my little brother and mom used to do our works alone, overcome any difficulty of face any challenge. As usual I got on to my Scooty Pept after putting the bag in to the locker below my bike seat. We had a Diwali celebration in college. Flower decorations and the necessary stuff were packed neatly in the bag and I was supposed to be in time. It was me and only few other girls and boys who were generous enough to allocate their time on such a public event management.

“Rishi hurry up” I wore the helmet and shouted at my little brother who came running with his school bag and water bottle.

Sometimes it’s annoying to have a little sibling when you are grown up. They poke fingers to everything and want to know everything. But I really loved my sweet brother a lot who was ten years younger than me. He was such a cute kid that any sister would be blessed to get.

Rishi got on to the Scooty and hold me tight with his little arms around my waist.

“Here we go!”

Soft wind darted over my face and my hair was in the air.

“Didi, your hair is in my face slow down” Rishi shouted.

But I was driven by a heroine inside me. I did not know why but I felt it is going to be an awesome day for me. A strange day ,than all the other days that have passed.

“Didi you ride so fast now, Rishi said in a tone of complaining when he got down from the Scooty near the school gate.’ I gave him my mischievous smile, stopped the Scooty and gave him a big hug. I wanted him to feel secure in front of other kids even though our dad was not alive. He waved me and disappeared inside the school gate.

I started the Scooty. I felt something wrong. I felt restless when I found that there was a puncher in both tyers. I was getting late for the college too.

Then my phone was ringing.


“Mahi, come soon the chief guest is on his way. We can’t complete the stage decorations without you”

“Ok ok”

The owner of the Coffer shop near Rishi’s school was a middle aged, kind man who was friendly with me because every evening I used to buy coffee for Rishi after his cricket practices eversince Rishi entered to the school. It took me more than five minutes to explain him my problem. I parked my Scooty in a safer shed behind the shop ,locked it and asked him to take care of it.

My right arm was paining because of the heavy bag full of Diwali stuff. It was the office time and disgusting traffic annoyed me more. All the taxies and three wheelers were with passengers.

Thanks god finally I could find a vacant taxi of luminous yellow colour. I got in as soon as it stopped.

Again the phone beeped. I stared at the screen in a haste.
“Come soon Mahi”

“ To St. Xavier’s College! I will give you extra ten rupees if you reach there in five minutes” I yelled at the taxi wala.

“Ten rupees?” He laughed while accelerating. He had a deep but charming voice.

“Ma’am  this is not a supersonic jet. This is a taxi”

“Whatever, drive fast I am getting late”

“”Never think that you are late” He said.

“You are the taxiwala ok? Not my adviser!” I said firmly pretending to be rude

“Sorry Ma’am.” I frowned at him.

Mom has advised me not to converse with taxi drivers too much. So I kept shut. He was driving fast indeed. He took the bending a mesmerizing way , while humming the tune of kuch kuch hota hai.

 I noticed him secretly watching me from the mirror. But I just ignored. He is a taxi wala and I am a university student. No way! I didn’t want to encourage him even a bit.

As I have asked him he reached the college in five minutes. I pulled out money from my wallet and gave it  him.

It was the first time I clearly saw his face. He was really handsome. Our eyes met for a moment. He had deep eyes and thick eyebrows lined with some alien thought and a decent, intelligent look that could hardly be owned by an uneducated taxi driver.

I had no time to get late. I got down and rushed to the college.


It was a busy and tiresome day for me. Diwali celebration and then had to fix the problem with my scooty , picked Rishi from cricket practice and returned home in the evening.

As soon as I set foot to the home mom came to me.

“Mahi can you remember that I told you Himashu uncle proposed his son Prateek to you?”

“Yeah mom, you told me in last week na?”

“Yes yes, that boy wants to see you”

“Today? Now?” I asked in amazement.


“Look mom I am not in a position to… I am so tired. On the other hand this is not the way to come to see a bride” I protested.

“Please Mahi just do it for me Himashu uncle was a good friend of your papa. He will feel bad when you reject directly. Just let the boy to meet and talk with you once. If you don’t like him we can sort it out later”

“I have not even seen the guy. And I don’t like to marry a businessman” I gave my defenses.

“When you see the guy you won’t say this”

“Ok then tell him to come” I said annoyingly.

Since it was my last year at college mom badly wanted to fix my marriage. I don’t know why I never made a boyfriend.

It took one hour for me to get ready. I wore my red colour shalwar and stood in front of the mirror. I was looking so pretty. I gave a self analysis.

The door bell rang. I was feeling anxious.

Himanshu uncle was  having a chat with my mom. I didn’t look at the face of his son. He too kept quiet.

 If that never happened I would never believe in miracles. But now I believe in miracles. I served the trey of sweetmeats to Himanshu uncle, and then my heart was beating fast. I served his son the trey. I felt he was watching me. I raised my head a bit and looked at his face.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was HIM!”

“Taxi wala…” I whispered. He crossed his finger on his lips and eyed me.

 “He owned a cab service. One of their taxi drivers was sick that day. So he had taken the taxi as a taxi driver to get some fun. And accidentally I got on to his cab. That’s why I believe in miracles. If you deserve someone fate will make a path for you to meet him in an unexpected way. So that’s how I met your dad” I said giving a lovely pat to my daughter.