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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Its called the EXAM

In the society discrimination is made by class,caste,nationality,race,religion, gender etc.But in the university its all about MARKS AND GRADES!!!!!!!Exam is never a lovely experience for the students....its good for the toppers who wait to show off themselves and its a bless for the people who can devote their whole life for the sake of academic stuff. When an exam is near by you loose the apetite..whenever you remind that your heart beats fast...and the worst thing is compairing yourself with others.This guy has finished this much ..and that girl has done this much model questions and so on...We all know that two of us are not similar at any cost ..since our memory and thinking power may be different.But none of us is accepting this harsh truth at the exam period..Anyway thats the best time to judge people..specially SO CALLED FRIENDS.. so even there is a single good thing in the exam.some friends will only be there till they grab your notes..only a handfull of them keep in touch in study leave and give a helping hand.however the funniest thing is some people who never worked hard geting high ranks while the hard workers are left alone. so with all these odds and ends and thousands its called EXAM