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Saturday, June 30, 2012

How my Birthday was ruined..

           It was my 20th birthday.It was mom and dad who wanted to celebrate it in a grand scale.For me birthday was nothing special non other than the day I came to this world. I dont know whether it was a reason of celebration at all.
       Month before my birthday dad emphasised the importance of arranging a birthday party when I turn 20.I had my own comments on that but I kept silence as it was the dinner table.
    They were working for that in a hustle and bustle.If it was their pleasure I didnt want to ruin it by protesting.So I waited till the day came.I really liked it only because of one reason.That is having a chance to spend few hours with friends being away from the boring life style.
          My dad has spent a  lot for food,music,lights and all the decorations.His organization skills were visible not only in the business matters also in these family matters.Invitees were enjoying  a lot. All were smiling and chating while enjoying the food.I was having a busy and funny chat with my collegemates.
 Then Shoba Aunty came to me.She was a very close relation of us.. an ego centric ignorant woman!

"Now you have become such a pretty young gal.. she hugged me..Then she started boasting about her husband who works as a secretary in Ministry of  Defence.
HMM HMM I just said to continue the conversation and I was bored of her talks.

"I am so happy that I could marry a person like Srinath;someone from a high caste family. Our generation has never mixed up with those low caste people"

My blood boiled! I knew some of my collegemates who were with me were also annoyed..I couldnt control the anger.

"Aunty, how can you prove that your gereration is a pure one.No one is pure in generation! The noble qualities matter not the damn,so called caste.Do you know what kind of relations your forefathers had? How many days you go to the temple for meditation and all? But seems you are not practising what Lord Buddha has preached "I shouted in a rough voice

all the people in the party tables stared at me

Later I heard mom apologized Shoba aunty for my words.I was still angry.I was thinking about the things I have told her in public.I was worried..Dad came to my room and sat on the chair of my study table.
" I am sorry dad " i murmured

"Its ok. I am really proud of you;and the way you think..." he smiled


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

They = world to me..:)

           Parents! They are the most amazing couple we ever meet in our life. Its really amazing how they feel you. When you are in a problem or when you are sad they sense it quickly. In their warmth ,love and affection its easy to foget any trouble and be happy.Life without parents is really tough and painful
          After passing the grade 5 scholarship many wanted me to enter to a BIG school;what they mean is a school with a great reputation..in Colombo or Kandy. But my parents were not capable to console themselves to be away from me at such a young age

                 I was 15 when I had to spend my 1st day away from parents.It was a sensational one.I pretended to be OK because I didnt want mother to cry at the airport.I worshiped mom and dad and then left..I didnt foget to turn back and wave them..I wanted to cry louder and louder but it was not possible..I had to depart..I saw the pain in their eyes..Later I heard mom was almost cried on the way  home.

   Leaving for the University is a climax in life.Now I am got used to this boarding life. But there are moments that I feel like runing home and hugging my parents tight.I know they too miss me a lot..and me more than ever.But there is no option left behind.

   I see the pleasure pouring out from my parents faces when I go back home

But I am happy that there affection and blessings are always with me though they are not near.

So thats's their love..................

When the whole world annoys you they are still with you..

They shout at you and bleam you but there is no speck of anger in them.

Simply I have no words for them...MY PARENTS =WORLD TO ME

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Its all about tears.........

  When you cry for even a simple matter does it mean that you are weak?
 No!!!!! that means you have such a soft heart that can easily be shaken by others..Is that a thing to be shy of?
I dont know why the people hide their tears from others..If they can smile in public why cant they cry infront of others..?
              People shout,bleam,fight,argue when they want to release their emotions..Crying is far better than all of the above in that hand..The tears flowing down from your cheeks can wash away your pains..Its you who get the suffering..and no any other unlike in fighting,bleaming and arguing.

          It is absurd why the boys think its not good for their reputation if they cry.A REAL MAN NEVER CRIES!!thats wot boys think! If all are human beings coming across various hurts and hardships why they should  pack all the hurts inside the heart without releasing them as tears? Its a tension.

 According to your talent you can deal with pain.
Some cry,weep and lament while someothers can foget things easily.Something which was a hard blow can sometimes be a simple matter for some other.As we respect various cultures,nations,religions we should respect this diversity too..

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hundreds will say those three words but only a few really mean it

Episode 2

          It is really hard to wait untill the university starts. If there is no fb, books,films or tv its really hard to pass the time. Chating with Prabashwara is really funny and nice.He is such a cool guy an awsome writer..his poems were so deep and touching.The thing is he wants to know everything .Sometimes Sneha has to answer a question paper from him.But once she was shocked to hear something from him............His chat messages popped one after the other!

I live in Colombo.Went to Royal College from my Scholarship Marks..And I am the Island 2nd..But dont misunderstand.I know you are from a well to do family,good looking,high caste and all in the best standard.But i have nothing..I am just a poor guy living in a shanty.Thats the truth,
I got this laptop as a present for a poetry competition.
My dad is dead and mom stuggling to run the family.I work in weekends to help her..i may be looking as a rich boy..thats the look i have been given..but I am not!
 I have nothing to give you but I have just three words to tell you.and that is..I LOVE YOU

Her heart started to beat fast..this was not the first time she got a proposal.but no doubt none of the others gave Sneha this much shock.She closed her eyes for a moment..she didnt know the reason but two big tears ran down from her eyes through the cheeks and fell on her red skirt..

  Sneha questioned herself.. really what kind of impression she has on Prabashwara? She really liked him a lot..but all these barriers and discriminations...and what if he is trying to cheat her? she will only be left behind with a paining heart at last..she went offline and sighed..its not more than 10 days they have started chating..and she has seen him only one day..Can someone fall in love so quickly? how amazing it is?..she doubted and hesitated..her brain said to  tell him GET LOST! But her heart pleaded her not to do so.. she went to the bed with a confused mind..she has never been this much confused before..IDIOT YOU ARE THIS MUCH WORRYING BECAUSE YOU LOVE HIM.. Sneha's heart yelled inside..but she was not couragous enough to deny it.

Now say good bye...!!!!

Keep these sea shells on your heart shore
And if you wish I will fall apart
As the sea waves lamenting
I will leave your sight
Remaining a deep blue sea of love
For you forever for the life time
To wait and watch as you wish..
And my thoughts as ripples
Will remain infront of your eyes
My foot prints will fade
With the giant sand heaps of time
But sea's roar will relate
My love for you forever
Mile by mile I will leave
Holding my bleeding heart tight
As a ship in horizon
I will be far and far far
So hold your breath well
and now say good bye...

Hundreds will say those three words..but only a few really mean it..


         It was the university registration day for medical students..the students were keenly waiting untill their names are called by the clerk...Sneha felt a little bit uneasy.There was no one for her to talk with.Besides her seated two unknown boys.It was so boring..when she was looking around the guy on her left hand side smiled with her.She smiled back.

"Hi" he said..


"Where are you from?" he asked in a friendly tone

"Anuradhapura , you?"

"WOW nice! I  am from Colombo"

then there was a few minutes silence...

"Your island rank? " he asked

"5th"she replied with a faint smile

"ehem ehem... I am seated near a topper ha? he eyed
"By the way whats your name..? I fogot to ask"


"I mean full name"? he asked ..it was quite absurd.
"Sneha Indivari Rajapaksha"

"Prabashwara Dissanayake"

                   Sneha was busy in next few minutes as her name was called out. They took sometime to check the documents.Finally it was over.She left the hall and went towards the car which was waiting to fretch her.

She felt tiresome after the long journey.Anyway its a bless to have a rich and kind father who can afford for a daughters luxuries..thanks to the car..! it could have been more weird if it was a bus journey..no use of talking about buses.
        .After a shower she logged into fb to get a relief to the tired mind..Damn it!!!!!!!!! there is a friend request PRABASHWARA DISSANAYAKA

         She hesitated for few seconds..but why should she? Prabashwara is going to be her batchmate in near future.CONFIRM she clicked

 to be continued..............

Friday, June 22, 2012


winter dawned with a sudden blizzard
camellia floral gardens vanished
birds sighed looking at the hazard
with no more wishes to be cherished
All ruined only i could save
candour and splendour in my soul
with broken wings tweeps the dove
half hidden from thick fog veil
Even in harsh twilight and night
one star was to share my plight
when i suffered with paining scar
Remained with me the fair star
But now it has diminished and gone
only regret remained to moan
no one is to share the tears
And console fogeting all fears
Some one build my tombstone
In dark woods where the wild birds roam
Burry sweet memories of brotherhood
On a soil not stained with blood

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Sudden departure like a lightning spark stabbed me
Now i feel how my heart is bleeding
Whole soul covered with blood stains
I wont die in haemorrhage
As still slowly heart beats
I see everything black and white
Moonlight, sunlight all gone pale
Only the darkness hanging around
Gone deaf i dont hear birds sing
no colour seen in a butterfly wing
Stunned and my limbs gone lame
Mind bursts as a mighty flame
It is the spring they all say
winter snow and thickets on the way
No need of a ray of light
Let this plight be a candle light

Its called the EXAM

In the society discrimination is made by class,caste,nationality,race,religion, gender etc.But in the university its all about MARKS AND GRADES!!!!!!!Exam is never a lovely experience for the students....its good for the toppers who wait to show off themselves and its a bless for the people who can devote their whole life for the sake of academic stuff. When an exam is near by you loose the apetite..whenever you remind that your heart beats fast...and the worst thing is compairing yourself with others.This guy has finished this much ..and that girl has done this much model questions and so on...We all know that two of us are not similar at any cost ..since our memory and thinking power may be different.But none of us is accepting this harsh truth at the exam period..Anyway thats the best time to judge people..specially SO CALLED FRIENDS.. so even there is a single good thing in the exam.some friends will only be there till they grab your notes..only a handfull of them keep in touch in study leave and give a helping hand.however the funniest thing is some people who never worked hard geting high ranks while the hard workers are left alone. so with all these odds and ends and thousands its called EXAM

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


ගිම්හාන ඉසිඹුව නිම වන්නත් කලින්
කිමද මේ අනෝරා මහ වැස්ස
බියකරු වෙසින් එන සීතලම සුළඟට
හිරිගඩු පිපෙයි සියොළඟම

නෑඹුල් සුවඳ නොමැකුණ
බරැති නීති පුස්තක තොගය
නෙත් පියා තවම සුව නින්දේය

හුරු පුරුදු අරණ අත හැර
වේරංජා නුවර වස් වසමි
මහමෙරක් වන් ප්‍රඥාව
සැණෙකින් පහළ වනු රිසියෙන

මලක් වී කෙලෙස පිපෙමි ද
ගලක් වන් රළු පොළොවක
සඳක් සේ කෙලෙස නැගෙමි ද
අමාවක අඳුරු රැයකට