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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hundreds will say those three words but only a few really mean it

Episode 2

          It is really hard to wait untill the university starts. If there is no fb, books,films or tv its really hard to pass the time. Chating with Prabashwara is really funny and nice.He is such a cool guy an awsome writer..his poems were so deep and touching.The thing is he wants to know everything .Sometimes Sneha has to answer a question paper from him.But once she was shocked to hear something from him............His chat messages popped one after the other!

I live in Colombo.Went to Royal College from my Scholarship Marks..And I am the Island 2nd..But dont misunderstand.I know you are from a well to do family,good looking,high caste and all in the best standard.But i have nothing..I am just a poor guy living in a shanty.Thats the truth,
I got this laptop as a present for a poetry competition.
My dad is dead and mom stuggling to run the family.I work in weekends to help her..i may be looking as a rich boy..thats the look i have been given..but I am not!
 I have nothing to give you but I have just three words to tell you.and that is..I LOVE YOU

Her heart started to beat fast..this was not the first time she got a proposal.but no doubt none of the others gave Sneha this much shock.She closed her eyes for a moment..she didnt know the reason but two big tears ran down from her eyes through the cheeks and fell on her red skirt..

  Sneha questioned herself.. really what kind of impression she has on Prabashwara? She really liked him a lot..but all these barriers and discriminations...and what if he is trying to cheat her? she will only be left behind with a paining heart at last..she went offline and sighed..its not more than 10 days they have started chating..and she has seen him only one day..Can someone fall in love so quickly? how amazing it is?..she doubted and hesitated..her brain said to  tell him GET LOST! But her heart pleaded her not to do so.. she went to the bed with a confused mind..she has never been this much confused before..IDIOT YOU ARE THIS MUCH WORRYING BECAUSE YOU LOVE HIM.. Sneha's heart yelled inside..but she was not couragous enough to deny it.