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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lie and live or else think different and die!

                          It is amazing how the world rejects new born ideas and how it humiliates the people who look at the world in a different angle. Socrates had to drink poison and die. In a world with such a history we are taking about the freedom of thought and expression. "Whatever the church says the earth is a globe and it rotates round the sun" Galileo said. When Charles Darwin introduced the theory of evolution the whole world was against him and considered him as a man with mythical beliefs. Albert Einstein was labeled as an idiot and was thrown out of the class. Sometimes it is funny that the same world which rejected to admit their ideas finally embraced them as truthJ

                  In life you have two options. One is following the same hackneyed path followed by thousands of others and nodding your head to whatever others say. The other path is quite tough. You have to build your own way of imagination and create your path with it. People will sling mud and stones, tease you, pull your leg and do each and everything to stop your venture. For someone to select this option he must be brave, strong hearted, broad minded and creative and even has to sacrifice his life.
                   When you think different either you are a lunatic, extremist or a betrayer or a person who doesn’t love the motherland and a person who doesn't repect traditions. These are the common labels you get!   
                 Martin Luther King who dedicated his life for eradicating the colour bar was shot dead. American president Ebraham Linchon also had the same fate as a result of talking and working for the rights of slaves. John F. Kennedy introduced a number of reformations to the traditional American society and initiated to the space explorations.However he also was murdered. There was a person to kill Gandhi who was the father of non violenceL
           It’s true that one may have personal comments on these people. But it is obvious that the main reason for them to die untimely is emerging as different characters kicking the so called orthodox beliefs. World can never develop without innovations, but still the people don’t understand that everyone has a right to express their own views and to like what they really like! If all start thinking in the same way, exactly the world will be a very boring place to live. It is hard to think different and live. Sometimes it will be a life time hurt because of the way others react you.
Anyway it’s always your choice whether to lie and live or think different and stand for the truth and die J

Friday, July 20, 2012

friendship....; are the friends forever?

              Throughout your life you come across many people. Some become very closer to us and then the friendship creates. It’s hard to make or find friends they should be met and felt. I am writing this in the memory of some lovely friends i have ever had in my life. They are very rare! Damn rare :) days pass and we scatter here and there! We may spend time in the same class, same university or whatever but when the time comes we have to depart.

                  Last night I was in a flashback. Still I am holding my pen tight and these words are born because of some heartiest friends. So let this post be kind of an acknowledgement. When I wrote my first novel in a bundle of foolscap papers, I did not have a confidence whether it was in a standard to be published. It was Iresha (Benja) who read my script first and she encouraged me a lot to make it a printed book. Thanks to her and now I am an author! Even at grass root level! My parents and my language teacher too helped me a lot. But I will never forget the motivation my friend gave at the very first time. She is not in Face book for me to chat, we don’t meet each other very often since I have migrated to Colombo for my studies but still we are keeping in touch.
 And some words my friends have told still echo in my heart.

don’t give up writing. it’s the best part of you

                My schoolmates; some are working, some are learning, some have married, they have children. That's the life!  Most of them have walked away from my life.But there is always a few that rule our soul. Deep in our soul! Maybe they don’t talk everyday with a fake smile and say "good morning". But they have a chamber separated for us in their hearts.

 University! There are hundreds of people.But there will be only a few who catch your heart, hold you tight when your sad and give you the courage to build up!

                  A true friend fights with you. but he never fosters the anger. One who has a best friend with good qualities is really gifted. It is kind of a wealth a man can obtain as a social creature.