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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Its all about tears.........

  When you cry for even a simple matter does it mean that you are weak?
 No!!!!! that means you have such a soft heart that can easily be shaken by others..Is that a thing to be shy of?
I dont know why the people hide their tears from others..If they can smile in public why cant they cry infront of others..?
              People shout,bleam,fight,argue when they want to release their emotions..Crying is far better than all of the above in that hand..The tears flowing down from your cheeks can wash away your pains..Its you who get the suffering..and no any other unlike in fighting,bleaming and arguing.

          It is absurd why the boys think its not good for their reputation if they cry.A REAL MAN NEVER CRIES!!thats wot boys think! If all are human beings coming across various hurts and hardships why they should  pack all the hurts inside the heart without releasing them as tears? Its a tension.

 According to your talent you can deal with pain.
Some cry,weep and lament while someothers can foget things easily.Something which was a hard blow can sometimes be a simple matter for some other.As we respect various cultures,nations,religions we should respect this diversity too..