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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Painting of Love

Not knowing where fate would have directed

With thousands of falling tears

This is the fort which we erected

A brick by brick since past two years


Here is the foundation of trust

Where our whole life was entrusted

This is the same old crystal fountain

Born out of tears when we missed ourselves


See still how the red roses bloom

 In the garden of faith we roamed day and night

Even today birds have their love songs

May be they don’t know our paths are forlorn


Staring with that deep look on your face

This is the painting of love you painted

I beg you don’t hide this beauty of it

By painting  black paint of friendship on it

No matter a very old painting it will become

There will be even one line which sun cannot erase

Let it fade day by bay in the way it is

Yet shades of love will be remained