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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Save her..

 Woman is supposed to be beautiful, innocent and mild. That is the common picture of the ideal lady we believe in.

Having a women’s day will be a mere decoration if gender discrimination, exploitations and harassments they face continue. Because of being a girl child many are aborted in mother’s womb. In the Asian culture woman has a fixed role of household work and child upbringing while the opportunities to go up in the academic ladder are curtailed.

 When women in engaged in an anti social behavior the way she is humiliated by the society is totally different from men. Because of adultery women in some counties are stoned to death while men are not punished in such a brutal manner.

Obviously woman is different from man biologically. But it does not mean that she must be discriminated. It does not mean that she is weak. Women have gone to the space, become presidents, prime ministers and done a great role. Women have won noble prize. Mary Curie is the best example. This has proved that women can compete with men from their talents and knowledge.

 Women’s rights are most probably violated as a result of poverty. In poor families women work from dawn to dusk to earn the living and feed the children even with physical difficulties like pregnancy.  Also they have to face much exploitation. Unfortunately they are beaten by their drunken husbands daily. Thus in some occasions male bread winner concept is just a myth.

Woman without man is nothing while man without woman is also nothing. Man cannot stand alone if he loses the support of the female roles of his life such as mother, sister, wife and daughter. Also woman needs the affection, care and security from farther, brother and husband.

Woman deserves her rights and she deserves the respect and care from the society. Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women 1979 discusses about the equality with men before the law, same right to enter to the marriage with free and full consent etc. It is important to consider how far these are in practice within the world.

  Therefore the most important thing is to change the attitude. If women’s day and all these conventions can be used as a platform to create a better place for women that will be meaningful.