.........towards the stream of thoughts

Monday, January 6, 2014

I will find the shadows of your smile

In far away sea where sky and land meet
I will find the shadows of your smile

Mixed with the vanishing sea waves
When the spring fades and winter dawns

You will walk slowly to my dreams
And vanish in the dawn making it a nightmare
As the sun setting in western sky

In moments of joy I will hear you laugh
Even if you are not here any longer

In moments of sadness I will feel you’re soothing
Like   a comforting lovely blessing in disguise

Coming down from steps of memories
Build your dream castle out of pearls

That are the tears of my eyes
Make my sighs a way to heal you

 When you are feeling  tired
Punish me for the sin of not proving my love

And for just keeping it  hidden in depth of my heart