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Thursday, February 14, 2013

That Valentine day….

There was a time on which 14th of February was a special day of my life. A day which gave me lots of memories. No matter how much it hurts I love that pain .. that day will never fade from my memory.

 I am a boy with different thoughts. There were some good looking girls in the college. But my feelings for Awanthi  Herath were totally different and strange. Sometimes it was hard for me to comprehend what I was going through. Whenever I saw her I was charmed by her innocent smile and sweet voice.

 I used to be a remarkable character in the college. My friends used to call me arts buff. I was more into art stuff because I did not want my talent to be unused.

Awanthi and I were schoolmates. She selected bio science while I chose arts subjects because my parents couldn’t afford much for my studies. My dad was Awanthi’s father’s driver. Awanthi’s nanny was my mother. So I was fortunate enough to be her playmate. She is a pleasant girl and I don’t know how and when but anyway my heart was totally stolen by her.

 Arts subjects could be self studied. I managed to get three “A “passes and got selected to the university. Awanthi was a bright student from her childhood. She failed to enter to the medical faculty in her first attempt but in her second attempt she got selected. I didn’t reveal my love for her in the fear that she would mess up her exam if we started an affair. But when she entered to the same university my hidden love was trying it’s best to pop out.

First year of my university was full of nice memories. But there was one thing which I badly lacked. It was none other than the love.

For years I have been talking to her as a friend. Finally I felt that I cannot manage any longer without revealing it.

 I knew Awanthi is so obsessed with paintings. She was a big fan of portraits. She was not good at drawing but still she loved paintings.

I still remember when we were kids how she pleaded me to teach her how to draw flowers, butterflies and animals. Time turned the pages of life. We weren’t kids any longer. Since she turned 14 her mom and dad were not pleased to see me meeting her at their big palace like home. After all I was the son of their servants. Though I didn’t meet her very often as in our childhood days our friendship remained unchanged.

It was 12th February. I was lying on my bed sleeplessly. Only thing I saw was Awanthi’s face. After a heavy battle with my thoughts finally I decided to reveal my love for her on Valentine’s day.

On 13th I bunked my lectures, locked my gloomy old room and sat in front of the table. My heart beat fast when I took the blank drawing sheet. I didn’t want anything. Each and every feature of Awanthi was carved in my mind in a crystal clear way. By midnight I  finished my master piece; the portrait of Awanthi, the girl whom I love most in this world.

I felt as if she was staring at me with her innocent smile when I took her portrait to my hand.


Mother was knocking the door. I hid her portrait inside the file and opened the door with a yawn.

“What were you doing?”

“Sorry mom I was sleeping”

“Tomorrow there is a party in Mr. Herath’s home. Herath Madam asked me you to come if you like”

“Why there is a party?”

“I don’t know. It seems to be a big one”

“Ok I am coming”

“Iron your new shirt and the black trouser sewed for cousin’s wedding last year” She told me and left.

My joy was outpouring. First I was planning to give the portrait to Awanthi in the university. But later I decided to give it to her at the party.

I got the portrait secretly framed and wrapped it with a beautiful wrapping paper with roses in it. I wore my new shirt and the old trouser which was still in a good condition after ironing them for about three times. I polished my shoes in the best way that even I could see my reflection from it.

Awanthi’s house was not that far from our house.

The whole garden was decorated with colour lights. A musical band was playing romantic songs. Whole house was filled with laughter.

“What a lovely match” I overheard someone telling.

 At the door step Herath madam smiled with me. I saw Awanthi. She was wearing a dark red dress. She looked even prettier. She saw me and smiled. I wanted to go and talk to her but there was a boy chatting with her with half filled glass. I retreated a bit.

I felt so lonely even amidst a big crowd.

Mr. Herath, Awanthi’s dad took the microphone.

“Ladies and gentleman welcome to my beloved one and only daughter Awanthi’s engagement with the top class young businessman Kanishka”

The portrait fell from my hand and smashed into pieces………………..