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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

No one is alike!

             One of the greatest mistakes we do in our life is believing that other people are also like us. Man is different! There are no two people who are same.

 Even the twins have different birthmarks.

Sometimes we live for a very long time but still can not realize this simple matter.
        If we are honest and open hearted we expect others also to be the same. But they won't! because they are different from us. Most of us come across various hardships due to this wrong assumption.

 In friendship we expect our friends to be as affectionate as us, to care us as if we care them. The same theory applies in relationships too. Its unfair to expect someone to be like you. Because you are a unique person. Therefore comparing yourself with another is such a useless thing.

But all this is a struggle.
Being together with people who are different from you from ideas, looks and many more discriminations is really a difficult task.So it depends on the way you handle them.

But the beauty of life resides in thses discriminations.  The world will be a very boring place if all were same. Enjoy the theory NO ONE IS ALIKE. It will bring happiness to you.