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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

That's how it ended...

Once upon a time there lived a King and a queen in a beautiful kingdom, which was very big and was in the shape of a diamond.  The kingdom was separated from another island by a sea.

The queen gave birth to a very cute baby boy who was the heir of the throne. But the kingdom was going through a bad phase and the king was in the war front so the security of the prince was in danger. The queen was so worried about this and handed over the new born baby prince with her ring to her most faithful maid to be adopted in a very rural village miles away.

 The baby prince grew up and become a naughty stubborn boy. He was so proud and he hardly went to play with the other boys of the village. He thought that the maid was his mother and he was told that his father was a sailor and he had disappeared in a storm many years back. He had no clue about his royal blood.

The young boy had no memory of his father, but he missed him a lot when he saw other children cuddling with their fathers. So everyday he used to sit on a rock near the sea and stare at the sea waves. Sometimes he threw stones at the sea.

His habit continued even after he became a strong youngster. There was no such handsome, well built and strong young man like him in the entire kingdom. But he was always lonely. He used to play his flute sitting on a rock near the sea.

He used to stare at the island separated from a narrow strip of the sea water where there lived the enemies of the kingdom. Every day the prince saw a pretty girl sitting on the shore of the enemy island. She was so far and even the voice of the prince didn’t reach her properly because of the sound of the sea which separated two lands. After few days the prince became a friend of the girl who lived in the island. They used to wave their hands and exchange friendly gestures.

Days passed and both of them felt that they have fallen in love with each other. The prince and the girl both knew that they can never be together because of the barrier of the sea which separated them and because of the fact that they were of two enemy countries. Knowing that ,both of them were loving each other madly. They exchanged their love messages by way of the fire lit in the shore at midnight and through the wind and by some bottles thrown to the sea.

Both the girl and the prince were very happy. Prince felt alive with the love of the girl even though she was miles away and all his sorrows and loneliness vanished because of her.

The prince wanted to cross the sea and come to see the girl whom he loved madly. But the girl was so concerned about the life of her lover. So she warned her that his arrival to an enemy country will be like committing suicide. Her heart yearned to see him closely but she hid it in her heart for the sake of the life of the boy. But the prince promised her that he will never leave her and will always love her whatever happens. The girl day dreamt of a day that they could be together.

Two years passed and both of them were happy with their relation even there were thousand barriers.

But suddenly the king of the diamond shaped kingdom passed away. Royal messengers and the queen kept this as a secret and came to the rural village where the prince lived and met the maid. The maid showed the royal ring to the boy and revealed him that he was the heir of the throne. The prince was overjoyed with this unexpected news. He left the village amidst the honors of the villages by a royal palanquin and reached the palace.

 There he gained the throne as the new king. All his hard, harsh and hard working life in the village was ended. As soon as he gained the throne he forgot all about the girl of the enemy country who loved him from the depth of heart. The queen insisted him that a king must have a queen for the kingship to be stable.

Meantime the young king got to know a beautiful girl from a royal family who was pretty and charming.  She was adorable and the king fell in love for her beauty. He felt that this princess must be his life partner. He married the princess with a giant royal wedding ceremony.

The poor girl of the enemy island who was unaware of this ,came to the shore everyday to see her first and eternal lover. Days passed but he never came and the girl wept bitterly thinking that something wrong has happened to the only guy she ever loved.

One day the fishermen found her dead body lying cold with the hands directed towards the diamond shaped land.