.........towards the stream of thoughts

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Moment before the spring fades....

 Let the tempest blow so hard

And carry away what we gathered

Still the fragrance of our memories

Are safe in the depth of heart

Let the birds sung fly away

Far and far leaving you behind

But let my love in your soul unfold

For you to keep close and smile

Though thousands of showers fall

Flame of love in soul will remain bright

For you to seek the path of life

Though there are many miles ahead

No matter we had to fall apart

No need of farewell hugs at all

Your voice that echoes softly

Will be a prayer before I depart

Let the spring fade among hills

I wish that you won’t weep alone

When moon hides in her midnight veils

Watch the dew drops on flower’s cheeks

Remember me and close your eyes

New sun will dawn to your heartland

And give you the light that I couldn’t give